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“BIONORICA SE” Pharmaceutical Company’s CEO and  Chairman of the Executive Board, Professor Michael A. Popp, gave an exclusive interview to “Medical Express” Journal about effective treatment methods using innovative plant-based medicines presented at the Fifth Congress of Urologists in Uzbekistan and noted that Uzbekistan is a unique country with remarkable potential for scientific research.

— Professor Popp, how does “BIONORICA SE” manage to effectively combine centuries-old knowledge with current achievements of scientific and technological progress?

— “BIONORICA SE” uses the knowledge of history and empirical knowledge passed on by my grandfather to my father, who was also a physician specializing in research and production of plant-based medicines. At the same time, extensive experience of physicians including urologists underlies our developments. In combination, this enabled us to devise a completely new approach to using plant-based medicines. We think about how we can do the best state-of-the art modern science, we develop clinical protocols and conduct clinical studies with our products and we are very happy that at the end we succeed. We can show, for example, that our Canephron is as good as Fosfomicin in a patient with an uncomplicated urinary tract infection without the use of antibiotic in the first line. In almost 84% of monotherapy, our plant-based medicine was sufficient and female patients did not need an additional antibiotic leading to a high successful treatment rate, which was, in principle, impossible in the past. However, this success requires a lot of money and a lot of trust and belief in your product. 

— The Fifth Convention of Urologists of Uzbekistan is taking place today. Developments regarding which medicine did “BIONORICA SE” present to the participants of this scientific forum?

— One of key areas that we are exploring and presenting within our production are plant-based medicines. It is very important that you have the best raw materials. It means you have to take a lot of efforts to ensure constant homogenous quality of the product. It is important for each natural product to have the best quality of raw materials. Then, you need the best way of production, a modern way of production, to produce a good plant-based herbal medicine. Today, we presented Canephron that enabled us to show our newest developments. The newest developments show how Canephron works pharmacologically. It is important to point out that findings of clinical studies proved the effectiveness of this medication in treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infections. We have currently proven that Canephron acts as good as Fosfomicin in cases of uncomplicated urinary tract infection. It is important because antimicrobial resistance of pathogens to various antibiotics, which eventually stop to work, is a problem that is so huge that even the World Health Organization focuses on it.

— Dr. Popp, you've been coming for more than 10 years to Uzbekistan, could you, please, share your impressions?

— About 10 лет years ago, I was fortunate to visit your country and back then I was astonished with the organization of the forum that took place in Tashkent and we were connect by video with doctors in Samarkand, Khiva and other cities and it worked. Today, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about two innovations – a questionnaire for acute cystitis developed in Uzbekistan and translated into 19 world languages and internationally validated, which we use in our scientific research. Secondly, a unique patient registration system was introduced in Uzbekistan and being introduced in several other countries. Today, I am convinced once again that Uzbekistan is a unique country with remarkable potential for scientific research.


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