Climate Change and Nephrology03.09.2021 590

Climate change should be of special concern for the nephrologist as the kidney has a critical role in protecting the host from dehydration, but is also a favorite target of heat stress and dehydration. Here we discuss how rising temperatures and extreme heat events may affect the kidney.

Bionorica SE: Research results and market successes ensure sales record08.03.2019 5608

Neumarkt, D?sseldorf, Germany; 8 March 2019 - Bionorica SE has some special research outcomes to report alongside its record-breaking sales and recruitment figures for 2018.

Phytoneering: The Key to Modern Phytotherapy17.02.2016 11299

Bionorica SE has developed a new term for its forward-looking focus on the investigation and development of herbal medicines: phytoneering. The new and unique feature of this concept: Nature and modern technology not as opposites, but as complementary partners. Phytoneering means intensive research for innovative, high-quality and effective herbal medicines.