Dear Friends,

We hope this message finds you very well!

And we can’t wait to meet you all again to catch up…

Above all, we’re excited to inform you that our CAFU (or Business Club France Uzbekistan) successfully registered its Uzbek branch on 28 January 2021! Although this procedure revealed itself more complex than expected, we believe this is a great steppingstone.

To all our members: thank you for this collective achievement!

Doubtless that CAFU is now better structured to promote and develop businesses and sustainable projects between France and Uzbekistan.

Accordingly, let us introduce you with Mr. Abduaziz HAKIMOV, a long-standing CAFU member and General Manager of Euromedex for Central Asian and Caucasus countries, who kindly accepted to invest more time and energy to lead the Uzbek CAFU branch as an Executive Director. Warm congratulations to Mr. HAKIMOV: we wish him nothing less than success and happiness within his mandate, and beyond…

And without further delay, let us introduce the plan we developed specifically for 2021, standing in 8 pillars:

  • To promote CAFU as new business society among foreign and local companies (not limited to French or Uzbek only). As much as we are strong and solid, we will be able to better understand the business issues and opportunities in different economic fields, to share our expertise, to represent as business society your interests and to dialog with related Agencies, Ministries and Institutions. Let`s become an impactful representative of your business interests with active contribution and engagement by all members in the promotion of our CAFU.
  • To establish the business relationships with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, MEDEF, Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Kazakhstan, Ministry of Investments in Uzbekistan and other business associations/organizations from various fields. Let’s promote our companies, increase our share of voice in business, raise relevant business issues with constructive solutions vis-à-vis the stakeholders and play a more active role in development of sustainable and innovative business environment in Uzbekistan.  
  • To strengthen CAFU interactions with French Embassy in Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Embassy in France. As business society of two countries, we benefit from 100% support from our respective Embassies, tremendously engaged in developing and widening the relationship between France and Uzbekistan.
  • To organize monthly thematical seminars. The thematical seminars will allow all companies in one field to represent this industry, to share the business environment and perspectives, to support in opening new business opportunities/networking for others.  
  • To support in development of business education. To initiate opening a Business School in collaboration with French institutions. The competencies and skills of managers are one the main drivers of all transformation changes going in Uzbekistan. And we strongly believe that this initiative will be fully supported by both countries.
  • To become a helpful contact for all French companies intending to launch their business or initiative in Uzbekistan. As business society we will gather all open information in Uzbekistan, will support in organizing meetings with business and experienced stakeholders.
  • To strengthen CAFU activities and its promotion via social media platforms. To maintain relevant news and updates on our website So, we will enhance our website in order to make it insightful as much as possible for users (to publish economic news and etc.) And to use other digital platforms such as telegram channel and other social media platforms for further promotion of CAFU.    
  • To initiate Questionnaire for all CAFU members. CAFU activities will be linked with interests of all companies and so, your involvement, initiatives, proposals and thoughts will be the main driver for success of your companies and our business society.  

In a nutshell, this is our proposed journey for this year; you’re all invited to experience it as we go…

We thank you again for your trust and cooperation.


CAFU Board Members

01.03.2021 993

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